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R. Kelly’s ex-wife responds to “I Admit” with remix Instagram post: Your past is not is an excuse


Randee St. Nicholas/RCA RecordsR. Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly is once again blasting her former husband as she responds to his 19-minute-plus song, “I Admit.”

Drea, who has recently discussed being abused for years by the singer, posted a photo on Instagram of Whoopi Goldberg as Celie in The Color Purple. Celie eventually found happiness after enduring an extremely violent marriage.  

Next to the photo, Drea wrote what she calls “The Remix,” directed to R. Kelly.

“Your mama IS watching over you, And rolling over in her grave, because of the ABUSIVE things you do, You say she’s looking down from heaven, So there’s nothing she didn’t see, Which means she saw you BEAT me from heaven and neglect her grand babies……Admit it,” she wrote.

Kelly and Drea married in 1996, and divorced in 2009. They have three children. In her “remix,” Drea called the singer a “dead beat dad” for not seeing their children.

She told the singer, “Go get some professional help, Own the pain that you’ve inflicted on others.”

In “I Admit,” R, Kelly revealed that he was abused as a child. Drea responded, “Your past is not is an excuse, Just because you were abused, doesn’t mean you get to ABUSE.”

She concluded her “remix” by writing, “Nothing good is gonna come to you, UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME.”

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