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Ready for the World thanks Bruno Mars for the resurgence of R&B


RFTW MusicReady for the World is making a comeback 33 years after hitting number one with “Oh Sheila” in 1985, and the band from Flint, Michigan thanks an 11-time Grammy winner for paving the way for their return.

“We were doing spot dates throughout the years, and there’s been a resurgence of R&B, especially with the likes of Bruno Mars,” group member Willie Triplett tells ABC Radio. “We got good reactions out of the crowd, so we decided to go ahead and just get in the game again.”

The group recently released the single “So Much Life,” their first song to hit the charts since “Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That)” in 1991.

Group member Gordon Strozier says the band knew they had to stay current with technology and the younger generation. 

“We bought new equipment to keep updated and surrounded us with younger singers and younger artists,” he comments.

Triplett says their challenge was to blend their style with a contemporary sound.

“There was no apprehension, but we did have to consider our style compared to what’s trending today and kinda marry the two,” he says.

“We didn’t want to get too far away from what we were doing, and we definitely needed to have the current instrumentation in terms of the sounds.”

Ready for the World is now planning to release a new album on their own independent label. 

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