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Regina Hall recalls refusing to joke about Whitney Houston on ‘Black Monday’


Erin Simkin/SHOWTIMERegina Hall stars as the only female member of an irreverent Wall Street trading team on Showtime’s Black Monday, and she recalls a moment on the show when she stood up for a music icon by refusing to speak a line of dialogue that she felt disrespected her.

“There was a joke. A joke I think about drugs and it was about Whitney Houston and I was like I don’t want to say that,” Hall says during a Hollywood Reporter round table discussion.

Hall says she felt joke was an unfair attempt at humor about one of the greatest singers in history.

“Artists give so much,” she adds. “So to make fun of what was a challenge and an illness…The great thing about our writers is they were like, ‘Aabsolutely. We’ll just do something else.’”

Hall portrays Dawn Darcy in Black Monday, which was recently renewed for a second season. Hall also starred with Issa Rae in last month’s hit box office comedy, Little. The 2019 winner of the Essence Black Women in Hollywood award is also featured opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the forthcoming new take on Shaft, debuting June 14.

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