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Regular human being Mariah Carey says she has low self-esteem


ABC/Randy HolmesShe may be a diva, but if you think Mariah Carey is some kind of egomaniac, guess again.

Speaking to Page Six, Mariah insists that despite being rich, talented, world-famous and beautiful, she has the same insecurities as everyone else.

“I just feel like I am a regular human being and I deserve the same respect as anybody else,” she tells Page Six. “I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that.”

While part of Mariah’s current tour features her sitting on a throne, she says she doesn’t really feel like a queen on the inside.

“Growing up different, being biracial, having the whole thing where I did not know if I fit in…that is why music became such a big part of my life, because it helped me overcome those issues,” she explains.

But, she admits, “Sometimes it’s hard to let your guard down. I do think to myself, ‘Did they mean this? Or do they not really mean it?’ And that is with everybody — it’s not just with three people or just one.”

The Grammy-winner also recalls how she struggled before she topped the chart with her debut single, “Vision of Love.”

“I remember it not being easy getting a record deal….being broke with no food. My go-to meal was [pasta] sauce. Me and my friend would split the pasta and sauce for, like, a week.”

Mariah says that in addition to her tour, she’s prepping a new fragrance that “smells like success,” and she’s also working on a “secret song.”

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