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Report: Mathew Knowles Claims BET Network Gave Kelly Rowland His Reality Show Idea


ABC/Randy Holmes

Over the summer, Kelly Rowland announced a new reality show for BET called Chasing Destiny, which will see aspiring singers vying for the chance to become the next great female superstar group. However, Mathew Knowles is reportedly claiming that he came up with the concept for the show, and BET stole it.

“Mathew Knowles hit the roof when he heard about the concept for the show, which he thinks is a direct rip-off of an unsuccessful attempt at a similar concept he tried to craft after his superstar daughter [Beyonce] gave him the pink slip in 2011,” a source tell U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Knowles, the founder of Music World Entertainment, previously produced a reality series called Breaking From Above, which featured five singers from the UK seeking to fill the Destiny’s Child void. The show aired on Teen Nick in 2012, but ultimately tanked.

“Mathew’s show aired on Teen Nick because BET, VH1 and MTV passed on carrying the series after his daughter Beyoncé had terminated her working relationship with him and they wanted to stay in her good graces,” the source adds. “The idea that BET would turn around a few years later and launch an almost similar project with Kelly…he sees it as the ultimate betrayal.”

Meanwhile, Rowland has already announced an open casting call for the show, which will be shot in Los Angeles from November 2015 to March 2016.  The official air date has yet to be announced.

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