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Report: People with Knowledge of Nightclub Cash Eyed in Chris Brown Robbery


Image Courtesy Eliot Lee Hazel/RCA Records

Chris Brown’s Los Angeles-area house was hit by home invaders early Wednesday morning and authorities reportedly believe one or more people who knew Chris had cash on hand from a recent nightclub appearance may have been involved.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the suspects who broke into Brown’s home were aware of a large sum of money inside the singer’s house, referring to $50,000 cash that Brown received for an appearance at a nightclub. The robbers even demanded Brown’s aunt to show them where the safe in the house was located.

As previously reported, Chris wasn’t home at the time, but his aunt was, according to the LAPD.  She was forced into a closet and locked inside while the unidentified home invaders reportedly got away with cash and other property before Brown’s aunt was able to call 911 and summon police.

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