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‘RHOA”s Porsha Williams’ ex claims he was handcuffed after being accused of stealing sandwiches


Annette Brown/BravoPorsha Williams‘ ex, Dennis McKinley, says he was racially profiled over the weekend: Specifically, he says he was immediately handcuffed after he being accused of stealing two $4 sandwiches.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, McKinley, who is the father of Williams’ baby daughter Pilar Jhena, says he was “accosted” by an officer from Georgia’s Emory Police Department, after he purchased some food during a doctor’s visit to Emory Healthcare in Atlanta.

According to McKinley’s account, the officer was “super-aggressive” and didn’t wait for him to show his receipt for the sandwiches; instead, she simply put hand on her gun and handcuffed him.

“I had a receipt which could have easily ended her inquiry. There was a cashier that could have easily verified that I paid for everything I had,” he wrote. “There were a number of easy resolutions that could have de-escalated the unnecessary racial profiling and my detention by this officer.”

McKinley, who also shared the officer’s name and badge number on his post, called out the officer for abusing her power and choosing “aggression over common sense.”

“I was profiled. She was wrong. No apology. Just more vitriol – she blamed me for the entire situation,” he wrote. “I could have been the next hashtag because she was that aggressive.”

He continued, “It happens to us everywhere, at any time, for any reason. I can’t let this go. This is not ok … Now, we can add going to the doctor or buying a sandwich while black to the list of things we cannot do.”

McKinley noted he has retained legal counsel, hiring attorney Michael T. Sterling, the husband of RHOA‘s Eva Marcille.

McKinley also chronicled the incident with an Instagram video that shows him talking to officers while handcuffed, as well as photos, including one that showed a receipt for his sandwich.

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