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Rihanna, Lady Gaga, or Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra?


There has been a raging debate on social media of late as to who is best suited to play Egyptian Queen Cleopatra in an upcoming Sony biopicaa.  Word has it, according to Daily Star Sunday, that Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie are competing to play the role – one that has almost always been portrayed by a white actress, reigniting the debate about Queen of the Nile’s true ethnicity.

According to BBC News, in 2009, researchers found the remains of a woman they believed to be Princess Arsinoe, Cleopatra’s sister. They believe Arsinoe’s remains, found in Ephesus, Turkey, reveal that her mother (also likely Cleopatra’s) was African.

At least one Twitter user thinks Rihanna fits the bill — @MrNickMcgowan tweeted the Vogue Arabia cover image of Rihanna as a different Egyptian queen – Nefertiti from 2017.  At the time of the publication, it faced backlash by many who said, “Rihanna is not African” as the super star singer hails from Barbados.  Rihanna was also targeted with accustions of  “cultural appropriation,’ according to Lipstick Alley.    Meantime IMDb list the project as ‘in development’ so we’ll have to wait and see who will ultimately be cast in the roll.

Who do you think should play Cleopatra?

(Source:  Daily Star Sunday, Lipstick Alley, Twitter)


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