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Ruben Studdard went into Luther overload prepping for Always & Forever tribute tour


Davenport DesignRuben Studdard‘s “Always & Forever” tour — in support of his Ruben Studdard Sings Luther Vandross album — kicked off this past weekend.   

The tour is designed to recreate the experience of an actual Luther Vandross concert, and American Idol winner tells ABC Radio that he prepared himself for the tour by studying the late icon’s live shows for “the past five or six months.”   

“I’m kind of in Luther overload,” he admits. 

Still, fans can expect an inspired live event, thanks to Ruben’s dedication and attention to detail. 

“Thankfully we have one of his original background singers,” Ruben notes, explaining that the singer “showed us all the moves” so the tour would be “true to form.” 

Even the tour’s costumes are Luther-inspired.   

As Ruben explains, “You know, I’m not one for a sparkly jacket onstage, but this particular show I got some sparkly coats made. Even my brother couldn’t believe it. You know, I went full out! We said ‘We doing it, let’s do it! Let’s not go half in.'” 

“I’m actually excited about it,” he adds. “I think people are gonna be pleasantly surprised.” 

Even though Ruben describes his “Always & Forever” tour as a “tribute show,” he says that attendees might hear a few Ruben Studdard originals as well.

He explains, “I might do one or two of my songs, just so people will know, ‘Hey, my name is Ruben,’ you know what I mean? But for the most part, this is a tribute show to Luther Vandross.”

You can find out more information on dates and tickets for Ruben Studdard’s “Always & Forever” tour on his official website.  

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