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Simplicity Is the Key to Ro James’ Success


Johnny Nunez/WireImageRo James made his solo breakthrough last year with his “Permission” single, and he says the song is quite different from the eclectic style of his debut album, El Dorado.

“Sometimes you have to simplify it so people understand you,” he tells Rolling Stone. “You can’t give ’em all you got with the first take. You gotta pull them in.”

James says the song was not his pick for a first single, and he credits his executive producer for convincing him it was right for his introduction.

“I felt like it was too simple,” he comments. “I have to give that to Mark Pitts for calling that, because I argued that to the end. I thought it was a great song. I just didn’t know it was going to do this.”

Prior to recording on his own, James was a composer, and co-wrote “Use Me” for Miguel’s 2012 Kaleidoscope Dream. He says the most important asset in recording with Miguel and other artists is personal chemistry.

“The way I create, I have to vibe with you,” he says. “You understand that there are no limitations, and I understand that there are no limitations.”

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