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Solange, Beyonce & More Celebrate 15th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s Voodoo


Image Courtesy Greg Harris/RCA RecordsJanuary 25th marked the 15th anniversary of D’Angelo‘s groundbreaking album Voodoo, and to celebrate  Solange has decided to pay tribute to the classic set by providing commentary on the album from artists and musicians via her official website,

Among the contributors, Beyonce noted how significant D’Angelo’s work, which she describes as “iconic and timeless,” has become in the realm of R&B.

Beyonce adds that he created an “album you can listen to from start to finish” and it holds the “DNA of black music; all the love, pain, social statements and rawness punctuated by his effortless vocal progression from his funky low register to his sexy falsetto.” Queen Bey also adds that his music inspired a song from her latest album: “My favorite song on the album is ‘Africa’ and ‘Untitled’ definitely inspired my song ‘Rocket.'”

Solange notes: “Voodoo is the church in which we all come to worship the religion of soul music. It is the word. It is the temple. It is the law for all lovers of true rhythm and blues.” The singer recalls listening to D’Angelo’s material at 15-years-old and refers to the set as “the most self-assured, decisive, deep in its roots, and ‘grown as hell’ album in recent musical history I’ve ever experienced. A true testament to the term, timeless.”

Other artists and producers who weighed in on the album include Janelle Monae, Tweet, Thundercat and Starchild, among others.

The singer’s long-awaited follow-up to Voodoo, Black Messiah, was released in December.

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