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Solange recalls junior high goth phase and easing into minimalist fashion


Carlota GuerreroYou may not believe it, but Solange went through a goth phase in junior high school.  

In fact, the Grammy winner goes on to tell W magazine how she and one of her friends responded to a teacher who thought their sense of style was unacceptable. 

She says, “Actually, the teacher pulled her to the side and said, ‘Black girls don’t be wearing all this black s***! You gotta take this off!’ And of course, that just made us go even harder.”  

But of course, the “Don’t Touch My Hair” singer now has the laugh last: today, she’s regarded as a style icon. However, Solange admits that moving to New Orleans from New York has encouraged her to adopt a more laid-back approach to fashion. 

She adds, “I’m kind of easing into this minimalist phase, where I think I’m so focused on my work and my craft…Everything is so much more fun now that I’ve gotten to a place where I’m like, “It’s just clothes!” 

Still, Solange hasn’t stepped away from embracing the symbolic side of fashion for her festival shows this year. 

“It’s really rare that an artist gets to perform in daylight, unless it’s at a festival. So I really wanted to play with creating a strong color palette,” she says.

“On stage, I’ve really been empowered by the color red. I think it’s associated, especially with women, as this fiery, super volatile, and strong-willed color,” she adds. “So we’re wearing all red for our festival shows and playing with the lighting for all the moods red can express.”

“Color theory is this really nerdy side of me that I’ve been wanting to explore more of.” 

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