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Solange’s mom taught her not to compromise her image


Erika Goldring/FilmMagicThe success of Solange’s number one Seat at the Table CD led to many lucrative offers, but the Grammy Award-winner says she won’t compromise her look for commercial gain.

“I often lose opportunities based on my will to want to navigate through that ownership of my body in the most authentic way,” she tells London’s Evening Standard. “I really kind of attained a lot of that from my mother.”

Beyonce’s younger sister says she is very careful about how her image is portrayed in the media.

“Owning my body this year was really important to me,” she says. “That can mean a lot of things. That can be in physical form – wanting to have control over my physical body – and also wanting to have control in the way it is presented to the world.”

Solange also thanks her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, for the time she spent as a child in her mom’s hair salon in Houston.

‘I got to experience women arriving in one state of mind and leaving in a completely transformed way,” she says. “It wasn’t just about the hair. It was about the sisterhood and the storytelling. Being a young girl who was really active in dance, theatre and on the swim team, the salon was a kind of safe haven.’ 

Solange is now on the road, and she wraps up her Orion’s Rise tour tonight at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California.

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