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Stacey Barthe Recalls Working with Executive Producer John Legend on Her Debut Album, BEcoming


Motown Records This week saw the release of Stacey Barthe‘s full-length Motown Records debut BEcoming, which was executive-produced by John Legend. The singer tells ABC Radio what it was like reuniting with Legend, with whom she previously recorded on his last album.

“John is one of my favorite singers, I remember the first time I hear him and you couldn’t tell me then that I'[d actually be working with him,” says Stacey, who recalled hearing Legend’s “Ordinary People” in her college dorm back in 2005.

“So working with him has been a complete joy and honor and he kind of just let me do my thing and gave his opinion and gave his input, whether I took it out not,” she says of their recording process. “He just was always honest, and we are a lot alike so there wasn’t too much criticism it was like, ‘You’re on the right path, keep going.'”

Although she’s recorded upbeat and light content with everyone from Rihanna to Katy Perry, Stacey’s album offers a deeper glimpse into her world, with topics ranging from suicide, alienation and alcoholism to battles with weight loss. The singer tells ABC Radio what she hopes fans take away from her project.

“I feel like this body of work is very honest and transparent and my goal is to force people to face themselves,” she says. 

BEcoming includes a rendition of Anita Baker‘s “Angel” alongside Legend and a guest feature from Common.

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