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Stevie Wonder composed a brand-new song for the ‘Scandal’ finale


George Pimentel/WireImageIt’s safe to say Stevie Wonder is a Scandal fan.  That Stevie Wonder song you heard over the final minutes of Thursday night’s series finale was unfamiliar for a reason: he custom-wrote it for the ABC political soap — and even show creator and producer Shonda Rhimes didn’t know about until the very last minute.

Rhimes revealed how it came about during her appearance with Scandal star Kerry Washington on Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Rhimes said, in response to Jimmy Kimmel‘s question, that she’d been putting the finishing touches on the finale fewer than 12 hours prior to the broadcast.  The reason: “We were so blessed that we got to get a special song written by Stevie Wonder,” Rhimes said, explaining that Wonder was “inspired by Scandal” to write the song, and only let Rhimes know about it at the last minute.  Producers were working until literally hours before the finale’s scheduled broadcast to incorporate the song.

“Getting to talk to Stevie Wonder on the phone it’s pretty amazing,” Rhimes said. “Getting to talk to Stevie Wonder on the phone when he puts down the phone and says, ‘Hold on,’ and then starts playing music is a life-changing experience.”

Not long after the episode aired on the West Coast, and after her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Rhimes shared a simple tweet: “Bless you, @StevieWonder,” she wrote.

There’s not a lot of info on the song, including its title, but the chorus to the trademark Wonder funky groove goes, “The voice inside of me/Said it was time to get out of my own way/So I made my own decision/My assignment here is done/And I won’t let you come and rain on my future sunny days.” 

So maybe the song’s title is “Sunny Days?”  Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.  Even better, here’s hoping the song’s released as a single.

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