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Storm Saulter breaks down the touching story behind his award-winning film Sprinter


Courtesy of FilmRiseStorm Saulter says there is an important purpose behind his coming-of-age drama Sprinter.

The film follows a young Jamaican runner who hopes that his success as an athlete will ultimately reunite him with his mother in America.

Saulter tells ABC Radio that the young man, played by newcomer Dale Elliot, struggles like many children with the idea of being left behind in their native country after their parents leave to establish a better life.

“If he can only run fast enough, he can only achieve a certain thing maybe he can get back to her and maybe he can bring his family back together,” he explains.

However, Saulter makes clear that this isn’t your typical immigration story.

“I wanted to tell a much more realistic and nuanced story of a modern Caribbean family — not a stereotypical rags to riches type of story or these kind of tropes that we rely on — [but] like… the real people,” he says.

“This is middle of the road family going through life’s normal obstacles, which more of us can relate to in a way,” he continues. “And, I feel it’s in that simplicity that makes the film feel a bit radical.”

It’s also a story that Saulter says is similar to his own.

“The theme of trying to get back to your mother is something that I was going through, because I had lost my mom,” he explains. “I had lost her earlier than I expected. And I was thinking about how — if there was only a way I could get back to her, to speak to her again. And I thought, there’s this reality of this young man, who…maybe he can get back to his mom.”

Sprinter, also starring David Alan Grier, is in theaters nationwide.

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