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Survivor Remorse’s Tichina Arnold explains album delay and work/life balance


Greg Doherty/Getty ImagesTichina Arnold plays basketball star Cam Calloway’s mother Cassie on Starz’ hit series, Survivor’s Remorse.

And while Arnold, whose credits include lead roles in Martin and Everybody Hates Chris, says acting currently pays the bills, she reveals she’s finally taking her music seriously: she’s got an album in the works.

“I’ve never given music 200% of my time — because television pays me!” Arnold tells ABC Radio.  

“So it’s just…I’m never going to the studio. But, I do have a good completed ten songs finally with my writing partner…and we’re going to put it out.”

Tichina says one of the reasons that it’s taken her 20 years to release her first album was her lack of knowledge about how to market it.

“The industry keeps changing so much, ya’ll,” she explains. “Social media is like, ‘How do I put it out?’ or ‘Which way do I put it out?'”

But now the actress says she’s putting the right people in place to make it happen. “I’ve finally hired some social media company to do it for me, because I can’t. It’s just too much,” she reveals.

In addition to her busy schedule, which includes “sixteen [to] eighteen hours” on the set of Survivor’s Remorse, Tichina is also the real-life mom to her thirteen-year-old daughter, Alijah Kai, who she says raising is a “job” in itself.

“It’s hard to do, to balance it all. And motherhood! You all know Alijah Kai,” she says. “And let her tell it, she’s a triple threat, so she’s a bigger star than I am.”

Episode two of Survivor’s Remorse airs this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET 

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