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Suspect Named in Christmas Day Explosion in Nashville, TN


The Nashville bomber seems to have meticulously planned his pre-dawn explosion that rocked Nashville’s downtown area on Christmas day.  According to reports, not only did he blast a warning message from an RV that would eventually explode, but he played a classic song from the 60s called “Downtown’ by Petula Clark.   Among lyrics of the song, “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go, downtown.”

Federal authorities have narrowed their person-of-interest to 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner, who they say had an RV that looked just like the one that exploded. The RV hasn’t been spotted since the blast.

The FBI investigators working the case have established a theory that Warner, was paranoid over 5G technology.  The blast occurred near and AT&T building which sustained heavy damage.

For months there were conspiracies on social media that 5G was allegedly  responsible for COVID-19.  Those theories are not true.

Three people were injured and 41 businesses were damaged by the blast.

Human remains found at the scene are still a mystery.  Authorities speculate that they are those of the suspect.  They believe the incident may have been a suicide bombing.


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