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SZA Gets Billboard’s ‘Rulebreaker Award’


KRNB – The beautiful and talented Grammy-nominated songstress SZA had the crowd smiling from ear to ear with her very memorable (albeit short) acceptance apeech to accept her Rulebreaker Award at the 2018 Billboard Women In Music event last night in NYC among additional honorees including Janelle Monae, Ariana Grande and others.

She said that she was thankful to everyone having patience with her and watching her grow.

“When I was younger, I envisioned a rule breaker to be like, some very brave, triumphant, happy, joyful person who’s actively choosing to go against the grain and has like, no fear and walking away from large explosions or, whatever the f**k … and I always felt like, ‘damn, I’m barely making it with my life [laughs] through every situation.’ But, I guess, as long as you end up here, like, this IS the explosion. So, it doesn’t matter how you feel on the way, even if you feel crazy or wack or not worthy.”


(Source: Billboard)

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