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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Is the Newest Billionaire in the Kar-Jenner Family

Forbes has declared Kim Kardashian a billionaire.  She made their World’s Billionaire List.  She went from $780 million in October 2020 to her $1 billion status now.  Her estimated net worth comes from her SKIMS line, KKW Beauty Businesses, cash from reality TV, endorsements and a number of smaller investments.  Should Forbes discontinue their billionaire list?

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Head’s Up: Today is the Luckiest Day of the Year

I’m a Aries and yes I like astrology. I say that to say that today December 27th has been called by ancient astrologers, a “day of miracles” in which Jupiter, the planet of fortune and luck, aligns with the Sun for a day of optimism and happiness. According to the stars no matter what your… Read more »