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Bel Air

‘Bel-Air’ Sets Peacock Streaming Records

Bel-Air is Peacock’s most-streamed original series. The series reached 8 million accounts to date. Peacock currently only has a reach of within the United States with 28 million monthly active accounts. Bel-Air broke Peacock’s record for new subscribers, usage and upgrades. Season 2 will return in 2023 and yes, Will Smith will continue in his… Read more »

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Adds More Las Vegas Shows This Summer

If you’re hoping to get tickets to the Las Vegas Bruno Mars show this summer you’re in luck as more shows were just announced. All six of Mars’ live shows in July have sold out and now four more Park Theater shows have been announced. The new show dates are Friday, July 30th, Saturday, July… Read more »

Barbie Debuts Rosa Parks Doll

Barbie Debuts Rosa Parks Doll Mattel continues its Inspiring Women Series with the debut of civil rights activist Rosa Parks. The doll is included with a brief story of Parks’ life, including her decision to not give up her bus seat to a white passenger in 1955. In a statement, Mattel said that each woman… Read more »