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Amber Rose’s Ex Apologizes and Begs For Forgiveness

A.E., Amber Rose’s ex, is apologizing and begging for her forgiveness.   He publically shared the apology on Instagram, writing, “I want to sincerely apologize to my beautiful wife @amberrose you didn’t deserve what I did to you. You’re an Amazing person and a wonderful mother to our boys. I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve… Read more »

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Amber Rose’s Baby Daddy admits to cheating

Amber Rose called out her baby daddy via social media for cheating on her with several different women.  Her baby daddy has responded to the allegations by saying, “You know when you ask a woman how many n****s they been with? And they say like 5, but you feel like it is more like 15?… Read more »

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Amber Rose Says Kanye West Bullied Her for 10 Years

Amber Rose and Kanye West haven’t been a couple for years, but Amber claims that Kanye has been bullying her for years, ten to be in fact.   In an interview Amber claimed that Kanye has “picked on her for ten years.”   For the record, Kanye did brand Rose as a “prostitute” during a presidential campaign… Read more »

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Amber Rose Sparks OnlyFans Backlash For Being a Vixen and a Mom

Amber Rose returned to Instagram with some steamy photos to promote her OnlyFans page.  Amber has never shied away from her body or her sexuality.  She received comments telling her to go back to being a mother.  Go be a mother  Feel bad for her son  Here’s an idea: how about just be a good mother.  Can a woman… Read more »

Amber Rose On Victim-Blaming (WATCH)

Amber Rose is no nonsense on the subject of consent, No means No!!!  Check out Tyrese and Rev Run’s discussion with Amber Rose during an episode of “It’s not you it’s MEN”.