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The Weeknd Joins Angelina Jolie As UN Goodwill Ambassador

Rumors have started that suggest that The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie are dating, but fans are not sure if this is just a friendship or something more. Recently, The Weeknd has become a UN Goodwill Ambassador because of his newfound friendship with Angelina Jolie. The Weeknd said, “The UN World Food Programme is doing urgent… Read more »

Michelle Obama Most Admired Woman In The World

Move over Angelina Jolie and Oprah, Michelle Obama is the Most Admired Woman In The World!  The incredible former first lady tops the list of the ‘World’s Most Admire Women’ according to the annual study by YouGov. The study interviewed over 42 thousand people from 44 countries. Oprah came in followed by Angelina Jolie and… Read more »