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Kanye West

Kanye West is speaking his truth in interview

Everybody is talking about Kanye West recent interview on Drink Champs.  Most people are saying he is crazy, but you really have to listen to the interview for yourself before you pass judgement on him.. Look at the interview and see for yourself…

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

We all know the extensive work Stacey Abrams did to get the voters in Georgia to the polls, which resulted in 2 Democratic Senate seats that gave Democrats the majority in the Senate.  Her work on addressing voter suppression has now got her nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  What a great choice for this… Read more »

Botham Jean Would Have Turned 29 Today

Botham Jean should be celebrating his 29th birthday today instead he is being honored in Dallas. Today has been declared Botham Jean Day a day to honor his memory and continue to bring attention to police violence against unarmed Black people. Botham was shot in the heart while eating ice cream, sitting on his couch… Read more »

VICE Exclusive: Sole Witness of Breonna Taylor Drug Raid Changed Story

The only witness who heard cops announce themselves in Breonna Taylor raid changed is reported to have changed his story, according to and exclusive story from the website VICE. According, VICE, which obtained documents and audio, “The witness identified as Aarin Sarpee was picking up his daughter from a unit above Taylor’s when the raid… Read more »