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Brian McKnight Confirms Justin Timberlake Has A ‘New Baby’

After Report Jessica Biel gave birth Brian McKnight confirmed to Hollywood Life that Justin Timberlake and wife, Jessica Biel had recently “had a baby.” Jessica hasn’t posted a full-length photo of herself since her birthday party back in March.  The couple, who have been quarantined in Big Sky, Montana, faced controversy when Timberlake was pictured… Read more »

Brain McKnight Response To Ungrateful Kids [VIDEO]

Brian McKnight has responded to allegations from his grown children, accusing the Grammy-nominated singer of abandoning them. Brian really puts an adult parent’s perspective on spoiled children that feel entitled to a certain lifestyle. These kids don’t want to work and make their own way in life. Brian starts with he has never missed a… Read more »

Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight Accused of Abandoning Children

Brian McKnight Accused of Abandoning Children.  Wow, this one is heavy.  I remember a  few years back when Brian McKnight came to Dallas he had two of his son’s with him on stage.  Having personally worked with Brian when I worked for Mercury Records, I was glad to see him bonding with his son’s.  I… Read more »

Brian McKnight Inspired By Beyonce

Brian McKnight is launching a project via his website which will allow his fans to download a new song and video every month, and also be able to watch the recording process in a series of videos he posts online. ”I’ve never heard of anyone doing an album that was interactive with their fans,”… Read more »