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Cedric The Entertainer is suing the gas company over a leak

Cedric The Entertainer is Suing the Gas Company Over a Leak

Cedric The Entertainer is suing the gas company over a leak. Cedric claims a gas leak in 2015 poisoned his family causing nosebleeds, vomiting, nausea and vertigo. The leak caused the mayor to declare a state of emergency at the time. The lawsuit claims Southern California Gas Company failed to replace a safety valve in 1979 and… Read more »

Final Goodbye to Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy was laid to rest yesterday. Charlie Murphy died last week of leukemia. Dave Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hugely, Eddie Griffin and George Lopez were among Charlie’s friends that were there to say goodbye in New Jersey. Picture and more here.

Dying Laughing Sneak Peek

“Dying Laughing,” is a straight no-chaser look at standup comedy. It ain’t just about going on stage and doing a set. It way more. Writer, director, promoter and more. This documentary opens tomorrow. The documentary has interviews with Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Cedric the Entertainer, Jerry Seinfeld, Mike Epps, Sarah Silverman, D.L. Hughley and more…. Read more »

Cedric the Entertainer Would Meet with Trump

Cedric the Entertainer says he would meet with President-elect Donald Trump. Ced talked about a lot here, police brutality, the justice system and whether Donald Trump is his president.


Doug E. Fresh Sues “Empire”

Doug E. Fresh filed a HUGE lawsuit against “Empire.” I’ll #spillthetea. Will Smith’s new movie “Collateral Beauty,” about losing a child, was shot at about the same time WIll’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Cedric the Entertainer gets a new sitcom on CBS. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!