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Chante Moore Sales Dip After She Defends R Kelly

Chante Moore Sales Dip After She Defends R Kelly

Chante Moore Sales dip after she defends R Kelly.  Uh Oh.  According to Chante Moore may be in trouble with her fans for comments she made on The Sister Circle Television Show that may look as though she was defending R Kelly suggesting he was not the blame for the drama he is currently… Read more »

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Chante Moore Sued For Using Illegal Money

Chante Moore sued for using Illegal money.  What??  That’s the word according to the  What had happened was Chante “allegedly” used illegal money to produce her album knowing the money was obtained fraudulently, by a criminal enterprise.  There’s more, click below to see what else she “allegedly” used the money for. Read Here

Chante Moore’s Got A Real One [WATCH]

Songbird Chante Moore has found the REAL One and released her first album in five years. The grammy-nominated singer celebrated her 50th birthday a few months ago, is sounding and looking better than ever. Chante has persevered through decades in the music business, the up-and-downs of relationships and custody battles.  Chante fan based is stronger… Read more »