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Stacey Dash really is clueless based on her MSNBC appearance

Stacey Dash Really is Clueless Based on Her MSNBC Appearance

Stacey Dash really is clueless based on her MSNBC appearance. Stacey is running as a republican for California’s 44th Congressional seat. She didn’t say much during her appearance on MSNBC. She did say Trump was right about Charlottesville. That I’m sure went over well in Compton and Watts which is in part of the 44th… Read more »

ESPN pulled Robert Lee from calling a UVA football game

ESPN Pulled Robert Lee from Calling a UVA Football Game

ESPN pulled Robert Lee from calling a UVA football game. He was pulled from broadcasting the game because of his name. The game was scheduled for September 2nd. Robert Lee is Asian. ESPN says after talking with Robert Lee they made the decision. Overreaction? Playing it safe? Read more here.

PayPal Cuts Off Services For Hate Groups

PayPal cuts off services for Hate groups.  Yes PayPal has banned users from accepting donations that lead to the promotion of hate and violence and intolerance, as a result of the news that the company played a critical role in the raising money for the white supremacist rally that took place in Charlottesville last week…. Read more »

Takiyah Thompson was Arrested for Pulling Down a Confederate Statue

Takiyah Thompson was arrested for pulling down a Confederate statue. Police in Durham, N.C., arrested Takiyah, who is 22, for allegedly tying the rope around the neck of the statue before her and others pulled it down. Takiyah was charged with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, damage to real property, felony participation in riot… Read more »