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Louis Farrakan

Louis Farrakan Documentary Won’t Air on Netflix

Louis Farrakan documentary won’t air on Netflix.  It was first said that Louis Farrakan’s controversial documentary would be airing on Netflix.  The honorable Louis Farrakan even made a announcement to that fact, but now Netflix is saying that they will not air the story saying it was an error. Yeah right.  You know someone stepped… Read more »

Park activists want to stop the President Obama Presidential Center

Park Activists Want to Stop the President Obama Presidential Center

Park activists want to stop the President Obama Presidential Center. A lawsuit was filed over the center. It specifically questions how plans have been developed, how they’ve been rolled out and brought to Chicagoans. Protect Our Parks Inc., the nonprofit that filed suit, said organizers have pulled a “bait and switch” with marketing the center as a presidential… Read more »

The #MuteRKelly movement is gaining momentum

The #MuteRKelly Movement is Gaining Momentum

The #MuteRKelly movement is gaining momentum. R Kelly has been accused of abusing multiple women and holding them hostage in his homes. R Kelly has had accusations going around him for years now, but some recent R Kelly concerts coinciding with the #TimesUp movement have sparked some major uproar. The hashtag #MuteRKelly has been circulating and now… Read more »