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Childish Gambino has announced Summertime Starts Here events

Childish Gambino Has Announced Summertime Starts Here Events

Childish Gambino has announced Summertime Starts Here events. We don’t know what’s going to happen at these events but we do know they will be this weekend in three different cities. From Friday to Sunday, the experiences will be in New York, Los Angeles and London. More here.

The Lion King With Beyonce Gets Release Date!

The new live action remake of The Lion King has finally received a release date! The star-studded film which will feature Beyonce, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Alfre Woodard will hit theaters July 19, 2019. The new version of The Lion King is expected to stick pretty close to the original including… Read more »


Atlanta Renewed for 3rd Season

Atlanta renewed for 3rd season.  Donald Glover and the cast of Atlanta have something to celebrate!  The hit television show “Atlanta” is getting renewed for a 3rd season!  The show has already won a Peabody award, two Golden Globes, and 2 Emmys.  Donald Glover is a busy man.  Whether he is doing his thing as… Read more »