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Snacking on Chips Can Take Years off Your Life

Starchy foods like potato chips can increase your risk of early death.  Participants in a research group found snacking on starchy foods like potato chips was associated with a 50-52% increase in the risk of death.  The study also found a 44-57% risk of death related to cardiovascular disease.  What is your favorite potato chip… Read more »

VIDEO: That Imaginary Dip Must Be GOOD!

A little chip and ‘dip’ lover has become a viral video sensation, as she digs into a large bag of sour cream and onion chips and is seen ‘dipping’ her chips into container of dip pictured on the bag. It’s the cutest thing! Watch: – That imaginary dip must be good 😂🍋🍋 Posted by MEME… Read more »