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NYC Strip Club Invites Kanye to Bring Sunday Service to Venue

What??  Everybody wants a piece of Kanye West Sunday Service, but this one?? Kanye West has been invited to take his Sunday service to the strip club.  Yes, a New York Strip Club is offering Kanye and his choir a chance to perform at their venue.  Organizers say it shouldn’t be  a problem for him… Read more »

Ricky Dillard Takes You Behind The Scenes!

Ricky Dillard and New G are back with the new album “10” featuring the song “I Survived It.” “So many of us have been counted out, left for dead, sick, depressed, abused, broke and homeless – but WE SURVIVED IT!!!” Dillard said on his Facebook page. Now Dillard is taking is fans behind the scenes… Read more »