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Keisha Knight Pulliam Wins Custody and Divorce

Keisha Knight Pulliam wins custody and divorce.  I know she is relieved.  Keisha Knight Pulliam has won custody of her daughter Ella Grace and a divorce from Ed Hartwell.  She will get primary custody, while Ed will get visitation rights.  Ed will have to pay $3000. a month in child support.  It looks like Ed… Read more »

Kelis and Nas' lawyers are now going at each other

Kelis and Nas’ Lawyers are Now Going at Each Other

Kelis and Nas’ lawyers are now going at each other. The two are battling over their son. At a deposition, Nas’ lawyer allegedly started insulting Kelis’ lawyer, calling him a fatty and other names. Kelis wasn’t there for the insults and say that Nas will pay for it. More here.

Rae Carruth wants custody of the son he tried to kill

Rae Carruth Wants Custody of the Son He Tried to Kill

Rae Carruth wants custody of the son he tried to kill. You may remember Rae Carruth  got 18 to 24 years in 2001 after being found guilty of hiring Van Brett Watkins and Michael Kennedy to murder Cherica Adams. Cherica was pregnant with his son, Chancellor Lee Adams. Chancellor was born with cerebral palsy, which was because… Read more »

Eva Marcille says her daughter's father is no longer Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille Says Her Daughter’s Father is No Longer Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille says her daughter’s father is no longer Kevin McCall. Eva’s blocked him on social media and is saying her boyfriend Michael Sterling is the child’s father. Michael and Eva are currently expecting a child together. “We don’t have a relationship. He’s blocked on all my social media. I have full custody of my… Read more »

Nas wants a judge to give him more time with his son Knight

Nas Wants a Judge to Give Him More Time with His Son Knight

Nas wants a judge to give him more time with his son Knight. Nas calls Knight’s mother, Kelis, hostile. Nas says he’s tried for months to work out an amicable agreement with Kelis but she’s not here for it. Nas wants the judge to give him Knight on the first, third and fifth weekend of each… Read more »