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Delta Airlines

Delta Turns Flight Around After Passenger’s Refuse to Wear Mask

Remember when your dad would threaten to turn the car around if you didn’t behave?  That’s what Delta Airlines did last week after two passengers refused to wear a face mask.  According to reports, the Atlanta-bound flight turned around in mid-air after two passengers were “non-compliant with crew instructions”.  After landing in Detroit, the flight… Read more »


Flying with Delta it is required to wear a facemask, but if you can’t wear a mask you’re going to have to show proof. Delta has announced that a medical evaluation will now be required if you claim you can’t wear a facemask. If a guest doesn’t pass the evaluation to not wear their mask… Read more »


Delta has announced that middle seats will continue to be blocked through September to show so passengers are spaced out. Now booking a flight through Delta, all middle seats are shaded as unavailable. As a way to continue to block COVID-19 Delta will continue to push for physical distancing while onboard it’s planes.   What… Read more »

Delta Airlines

Delta Hiring 1,000 New Flight Attendants

Delta Hiring 1,000 New Flight Attendants Good news for people who enjoy living out of suitcases and serving pretzels and beverages to irate people in cramped quarters: Delta Airlines has announced it’s expanding its force of flight attendants. The company has revealed it’s hiring 1,000 people who are “service-oriented, love to be on-the-go, are quick… Read more »