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Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Arrested for Domestic Violence

What?? according to TMZ and Lovebscott, Stacey Dash was arrested in Florida and getting into it with her new husband Jeffrey Marty and word is she allegedly put her hands on him.  Law enforcement sources are saying they responded to a domestic dispute and Miss Cluless, was taken into custody.  It looks like they will… Read more »

Raz B

Raz B Takes Responsiblity For Domestic Abuse

Raz B takes responsibility for domestic abuse.  Poor Raz B. According to  he is still in jail in Minneapolis for a domestic abuse charge.  But it looks like it goes much deeper than domestic abuse.  Hopefully everything will work out for everyone involved. Read more

Raz B

Raz B Arrested for Domestic Violence

Raz B arrested for domestic violence.  Yep  Raz B has been arrested and is now facing a domestic violence charge in Minneapolis.  I can tell you, from the looks of things this is going to be very messy.  Raz is claiming self defense and this could certainly jeopardize the hugely successful B2K Millennium Tour. Read… Read more »

R Kelly

Gun Threat Causes Surviving R Kelly Screening to End Early

Gun Threat causes Surviving R Kelly screening to end early.   The premiere of the Lifetime movie “Surviving R. Kelly” came to a halt after attendants had to evacuate because of a gun threat. According to Lifetime, the anonymous call came from Chicago and there were no injuries at the venue as a result of… Read more »


R Kelly’s Ex Wife Reveals He Almost Killed Her

R Kelly’s ex wife reveals he almost killed her.  It’s domestic abuse month for this month of October, and if you saw The View yesterday you saw R Kelly’s ex wife Drea  in tears describing how he almost killed her in the back of his hummer, and when he hog tied her and left her… Read more »