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Biden Says He Would Make Face Mask Mandatory

Joe Biden says he make it mandatory for Americans to wear facemasks when going out in public.  During an interview with Pittsburgh’s KDKA, Biden said masks make a “gigantic difference” and that he’s “do everything possible to make it required”, even executive action.  The presumptive Democratic nominee also said he would ensure large stockpiles of… Read more »


Starting as early as next week, all passengers will be required to wear facemask upon travel. As a new precaution against COVID-19 the Dallas based Greyhound Lines will make this a requirement to insure every passenger’s safety. Dave Leach the Greyhounds CEO states; “ We care about the health and well being of all passengers… Read more »


Since businesses are reopening in Dallas, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins makes requirements for everyone to wear a mask. Jenkins states; that with the number of people infected with COVID-19 increasing, mask should now be required. Though Dallas County is now reporting over 4,000 positive COVID-19 cases, and more than half are recovering. The mask… Read more »

JetBlue Becomes The First Airline To Require Passengers To Wear Masks

JetBlue has taken a step toward coronavirus protection while flying. The airline is the first in the United States to require passengers to wear masks while on board. Starting on May 4th, passengers must wear a mask to cover their face and nose during checking, boarding, flying, and deplaning. Since late March, JetBlue has reduced capacity… Read more »