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Trey Songz

Trey Songz Called Out For Another Steamy Video

Fans of Trey Songz are upset with him again after another steamy video leaked.   In this latest video, Songz is seen spitting in the mouths of two women. You heard right, spitting in the mouths of women in the midst of a pandemic.   Seriously, a shirtless Trey is holding the heads of the women who… Read more »

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Fans are Upset With Quincy Jones

Oh lawd, first Quincy Jones was recently running his mouth telling celebrities folks secrets, and now this.  Michael Jackson fans are not happy with Quincy Jones at all after they found out Q removed Michael’s name from his shows in London. At first, the night was promoted as a night celebrating Jackson’s biggest albums complete… Read more »

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown Upset With Chris Rock

Bobby Brown upset with Chris Rock.  Uh oh…Bobby Brown is pissed with Chris Rock.  Bobby didn’t like that Chris Rock poked fun at Whitney Houston.  You know Chris is going to say things as a comedian and he throws jabs at everybody. This time he’s getting push back from Bobby Brown.  Read below to see… Read more »