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Fireworks and Hand Sanitizer Don’t Mix

As you plan your 4th of July celebrations, keep this news in mind.  Fireworks and hand sanitizer are a dangerous combination.  While you may have been in the habit of using hand sanitizer over the last few months, remember that it is made up of alcohol. Alcohol is extremely flammable.   The National Safety Council advises… Read more »


Where the 4th of July Firework Displays Are

Where the 4th of July firework displays are.   Last night the fireworks went off in Kaboom town and today the fireworks continue.  Will you watch at Fair Park or elsewhere?  Where ever you decide, here is a list of places you may want to check out as you enjoy the holiday festivities.. See here


Firework Displays in Dallas Ft. Worth

Firework displays in Dallas Ft. Worth.  I hope you are enjoying this Fourth of July week off,  but if you are like me and are working this week and want to see the fireworks, below is a list so locations you may want to check out.  Work or no work the firework displays and barbeques… Read more »