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Airlines Cutting Fall Flights

If you have an airplane trip booked this fall, you should pay attention to changes and cancellations on your scheduled trip. USA Today reports that airlines have started removing flights from scheduled because demand during the pandemic is low. After a spike in summer travel, fall trips are not being booked as frequently. United Airlines has… Read more »

Southwest Airlines Cancels Flights

Would you fly right now if you had the chance? The Coronavirus forces Southwest Airlines to make some big cuts. Tuesday, March 24 Southwest Airlines shut down 1,500 daily flights to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. A Southwest spokesperson says. “We’ll implement the cancellations on a rolling, multiple-day basis to provide customers with advance… Read more »


When To Book Your Holiday Flights

If you haven’t booked your airplane travel for the holidays, it’s not too late. According to  Hotwire you should book your trip 21 days before you plan to travel.  That way you can find the cheapest flights.  Also experts say you can find the least expensive flights when you book in the middle of the… Read more »