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Halle Berry and Van Hunt

Halle Berry and Van Hunt Fake Getting Married

Halle Berry’s got jokes.   The actress posted a pic on Instagram of what looks like a wedding with her man Van Hunt.   She captioned the post, “Well…IT’S OFFICIAL,” but anymore who swiped would see that she continued her sentence to say, “It’s 2022.”  Of course, many didn’t get the joke and congratulated the pair in… Read more »

Jay Z

Jay-Z New Album Is an April Fool’s Joke

In case you forgot, today is April 1–April Fool’s Day.  That means everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.  Jay-Z is currently trending on Twitter.   Upon deep dive, it looks like this all started from Jay-Z’s African fanbase.  It is being ‘reported’ he has an album called Ascension.  Nobody in Jay-Z’s camp has put… Read more »