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Animated Version Of ‘Good Times’ Headed To Netflix!

Netflix has ordered 10-episodes of a new animated version of the 70s classic “Good Times.” According to a statement, the new show will again follow the Evans family as they navigate today’s world and contemporary social issues. Just as the original did years ago, ‘Good Times’ strives to remind us that with the love of… Read more »

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Janet Jackson Writes Tribute to Ja’net DuBois

A lot of people are remembering Ja’Net DuBois after she passed away on Tuesday. She was always so jazzy on “Good Times”   One tribute was from Janet Jackson. Ja’Net DuBois played Janet’s adoptive mother on Good Times.   Jackson wrote a special message on Instagram, that said… “I am so very saddened to hear my longtime friend… Read more »

Jimmie Walker to NBA Stars: ‘Stop Complaining!’

Jimmie Walker had the nerve to interject himself into controversy over the 4th of July holiday by telling NBA star’s to “Stop Complaining” and constantly airing their dirty laundry on TV and in social media. Jimmie Walker, who played J.J. on “Good Times,” has lashed out at such basketball stars as LeBron James, Kevin Durant… Read more »