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Taraji P. Henson: Harvey Weinstein Denied Her Huge Role

Taraji P. Henson like many Hollywood actresses has had a run-in with Harvey Weinstein but not for sexual harassment.   In her 2016 memoir, Taraji P. Henson told a story about a producer overlooking her for a role. It was the role of a wild stripper mom in the dramedy, St. Vincent. The role went to… Read more »

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Harvey Weinstein Will Be Charged With Rape

Harvey Weinstein will be charged with rape in New York.  Yes he will be charged today as he turns himself in to authorities for rape and criminal sex acts stemming from incidents with two separate women.  More than 80 women have come forward saying Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted and harassed them and as a result,… Read more »


3 LAPD Cases Against Harvey Weinstein Go To The DA

3 LAPD Cases against Harvey Weinstein go to the DA.  You knew it was coming if these 3 cases go all the way to be prosecuted remains to be seen. The LAPD has forwarded three sexual assault cases against Harvey Weinstein to Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Since there is no longer a statute… Read more »


Seal Slams Oprah

Seal slams Oprah.   Of all people I never thought Seal would come after Miss O.  But he did.  He says she knew of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual conduct and still worked with him and hung out with him anyway.   The Kiss from a rose hit maker came down hard on Oprah. Read here to see… Read more »

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Harvey Weinstein Booted From The Academy

Harvey Weinstein booted from the Academy.  Yes the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences Board of Govenors held a emergency meeting and came to the conclusion that Harvey Weinstein must go.  From the reports that keep coming out each day since the sex allegations came out, this man is described as a horrible person, who… Read more »

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Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Shopping For Divorce Lawyer

Harvey Weinstein’s wife shopping for divorce lawyer.  That is certainly no surprise.  Yes his wife Georgina Chapman who is a fashion designer and created the “Marchesa” label is looking for a lawyer.  You know that had to be the next move, having a fashion label that caters to women, and now your husband is being… Read more »