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A Young Black Entrepreneur Faces Serious Racial Backlash

Google Beatrice (Bea) Dixon, and you soon learn that the innovative young lady has face fierce racist backlash over a product she developed as she was dealing with some ‘female issues’ of her own. After suffering from bacterial vaginosis for 7 months, Ms. Dixon concocted her own fix for the problem about 5 years ago,… Read more »

Loni Love

Loni Love Is Weight Watchers Newest Ambassdor

Loni Love Is Weight Watchers’ Newest Ambassador The Real’s Loni Love has just been named Weight Watchers new ambassador. WW will help her make healthier choices especially with her on-the-go lifestyle which involves filming and touring. She will use the WW app. It provides recipes and 24-7 support.  Now I know I have to get… Read more »


73 Percent of Musicians Suffering From Mental Illness

What??  If you ever dated a musician you may have encountered a little craziness. A new survey finds that a lot of musicians are dealing with some sort of mental illness. 73 percent of 1500 independent musicians say they are suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Within the 18 to 25-year-old range,… Read more »