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Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Sang Beyonce Songs to Help Shoot Free Throws

Dwight Howard sang Beyonce songs to help him shoot free throws. According to an article on, Dwight told Beyonce. “I told her about it when I saw her. I said, ‘When I sing your song, I make my free throws.’ She seemed to like that.” Do you believe him or was he making a… Read more »


Terrence Howard is Going to be a “Dada” AGAIN!

Terrence Howard is going to be a dad again. This will make 5! He and his wife, Mira, Pak, are having a second child together. Terrence has daughters Aubrey and Heaven, sons Hunter, and Qirin Love. They divorced in 2013 but got back together. Terrence also is a grandfather. CONGRATS!!!!

Tupac Shakur

Afeni Shakur Took care of Tupac’s Business

Afeni Shakur, who passed away Monday of a heart attack at age 69, took steps to assure there would be no drama in regards to Tupac’s estate in the event of her passing. She created a trust that is very specific about heirs, and the money is going to select charities and family. Afeni is survived… Read more »