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Will Smith Breaks Down ‘Fault vs Responsibility’

Will Smith offers up some powerful advise on the subject of Fault versus responsibility.  In essence, the super-star actor is saying life does indeed serve up some lemons at times, but it’s everyone’s individual responsibility to turn those lemons into lemonade, therefore … “taking responsibility.” It’s an older clip that deserves some renewed attention, from… Read more »

Will Smith: Don’t Let Others Determine How You Feel About You!

KRNB – Will Smith took to social media recently to spread some insight on how many people make the mistake of  letting other people’s opinions of them determine how they feel about themselves. Let’s just say Will ‘ain’t wit’ it,’ saying, “It’s dangerous to allow other people to determine how you feel about you.” Listen:… Read more »


Watch: Colin Kaepernick Nike Commerical

Watch: Colin Kaepernick Nike Commercial.  If you are not inspired after watching this commercial, there is no inspiration to be had.  Colin Kaepernick’s words and images are explosive in this commercial!  Serena Williams and Lebron James in it too!