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Trina’s Behind is Insured

We can all rest easy. Trina’s behind is insured. She admitted that and the fact that that’s not her behind on the cover of her latest single “Damn.” Explaining the insurance, Trina said, “This is like life insurance. This is like real insurance on you’re a**.” It’s an a**, so you want to make sure it’s… Read more »

18 Million People Will Instantly Lose Insurance

Looks like Donald Trump is keeping one of his campaign promises! To repeal “Obama Care” aka The Affordable Health Care Act! Parts of it have already been repealed! Now it’s what experts are saying that has a lot of folks wondering what will become of their insurance? More than 18 Million people will lose insurance… Read more »


T.I. Done Landed Him an Acting Gig

T.I. will play an attorney on the VH-1 series “The Breaks.” Michael Ealy joins “Being Mary Jane.” I’ll #spillthetea. Kim Kardashian is suing MediaTakeout. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!


Kim Kardashian Sues MediaTakeout

Kim Kardashian is suing MediaTakeout for publishing stories that accuse her of faking the whole Paris robbery thing. She had her legal team tell MediaTakeout to take the stories down. They didn’t respond so it’s on and popping’ now. Read more here.