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Stimulus Check

IRS Will Begin Issuing Monthly Checks for Families Beginning in July

Starting in July, working families will be able to receive up to $3,600 per child for 2021 thanks to the next rollout of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, which aims to help those who are financially struggling to sustain their lives and maintain their families during the pandemic. Read more here

Stimulus Check

IRS Sending Out ‘Plus-Up’ Stimulus Checks

Millions of Americans will be getting an extra stimulus check from the IRS soon. The agency is sending out ‘plus-up’ payments to people who did not receive the full stimulus amount they were eligible for. Most people in that category saw their income drop in 2020, making them eligible for a bigger payment. Instead, they… Read more »

You May Have Until October 15th To Claim Stimulus Check

If you have been wondering if there is stimulus check in your future, the IRS urges you to sign up for one by October 15th, Last week, the IRS sent out letters to more than nine million Americans who may be eligible to receive this $1,200 stimulus check. It is specifically targeted to those who… Read more »


What will be your biggest pay off with your IRS check?Well here’s some great new, the IRS is speeding up the process, and checks could be deposited any day now. While paper checks will be mailed out starting April 20th. Not sure where your money is going, visit the IRS website for payment correction options.

IRS To Mary J. Blige: You Owe Us…Again!

Mary J. Blige is facing another financial hurdle, this time it involves Uncle Sam! The Internal Revenue Service claims that the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul failed to pay income taxes in 2016 and 2017 and that she owes them $1,198,161 in federal back taxes. This is not the first time that Blige has had issues… Read more »