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Town Threatens Trick or Treaters Over 12 With Jail

Town Threatens Trick or Treaters Over 12 With jail time.  Halloween is the time of year where you can go door to door collecting candy, but in one Virginia town, the fun is limited to kids under the age of 12.  What?? Are these people serious?? An ordinance in Chesapeake, VA states that anyone over… Read more »

Da Brat

Da Brat Files for Bankruptcy Could Face Jail Time

Da Brat files for Bankruptcy.  Sometimes you think people have these glamourous lives and then you see news like this.   Da Brat whose real name is Shawntae  Harris has filed for bankruptcy.  Sources say she is well over $7 million dollars in debt.   Most of that debt comes from a $6.4 million dollar… Read more »

John Schneider

Actor John Schneider Going To Jail

Actor John Schneider going to jail.  What??  Yes the actor who starred on the Dukes of Hazzard and now the hit show “The Have and the Have Nots” is going to spend 3 days in jail for failing to pay his ex wife for child support.  I have to say I expect this on the… Read more »

Suge Knight

Suge Knight Rushed From Jail To Hospital

Suge Knight rushed from jail to hospital.   So far not many details about why he was rushed to the hospital, even though some sources are saying it’s connected to blood clots.  He was admitted on Tuesday Morning.  This story is still developing… Read here


Columbus Short Gets 1 Year In Jail

Columbus Short gets 1 year in jail.  I am really sorry this happened.  Columbus Short formally of the hit television Scandal is going to jail for several months for hitting his ex wife.  It’s a mess and you have to click below to see what happened.  Columbus is really a very talented man and I… Read more »