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Philly Boss

Philly Entrepreneur Offers McDonalds Employees Higher Paying Jobs

In Philadelphia, Saudia Shuler is well-known for throwing elaborate proms that go viral and for her restaurant, Country Cookin.  You may recall she brought Dubai to Philly for prom, even had camels in the middle of the neighborhood. She re-enacted Black Panther for another prom.  One morning, Saudia was in the McDonald’s drive thru when she encountered a… Read more »

Amazon Says It Will Offer Full-Time Jobs to 125,000 Temporary Workers

Amazon announced plans to offer full-time jobs to 70% of their 175,000 temporary workers they hired to meet demand brought on by COVID-19. Initially, those employees were hired as “seasonal positions” but now the company will transfer 125,000 people to full-time. The full-time employees will make $15 an hour and have access to some training… Read more »

Unemployment Rate In The U.S Could Reach 13% By May

Since the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 3.3 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Revenue has drastically declined at restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, gyms, and airlines. Auto sales are low, and carmakers have close factories. Most such employers face loan payments and other fixed costs, so they’re cutting jobs to save money. As job losses are increasing,… Read more »

John Legend Works to Increase Jobs for the Formerly Incarcerated

Star singer John Legend has stepped up for people with criminal backgrounds to make sure that get more job opportunities. FORBES reports that Legend’s initiative FreeAmerica, which targets criminal justice reform has been working in conjunction with Unlocked Futures and New Profit for the past two years, making entrepreneurs who have first hand knowledge of the impacts of the… Read more »

Popeyes chicken 3

Is Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Coming Back?

Is Popeye’s Chicken sandwich coming back?  Word is that Popeye’s is gearing up for their second round of chicken sandwich sales.  I still haven’t tried the first round but I want to.  You of course remember in August when folks went wild over their chicken sandwiches.  They couldn’t keep them in their stores, and it… Read more »