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Target Wants to Hire 130,000 For the Holidays

Target Wants To Hire 130,000 For The Holidays Target has openings if you are looking for some extra cash to end of the year. The big-box store is hiring 130,000 seasonal workers for the upcoming holiday season. Perks include a starting wage of $13 an hour, 10 percent off regular purchases and 20 percent off… Read more »


Amazon Tries to Fill 30,000 Jobs

Amazon Tries To Fill 30,000 Jobs Amazon is looking to hire around 30,000 people. The company will be holding career day job fairs in Arlington, Virginia, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and Seattle. These are not seasonal positions. The jobs start at $15-an-hour warehouse personnel to software engineers who will make over $100,000 a year. The… Read more »

The No 1 Reason Employees Quit Their Jobs

The no 1 reason employees quit their jobs.  Uh oh…When I saw this I thought it would be money, or being overworked and under paid…But it is not the number one reason people quit their jobs…Make your guess and click below to see if you get the right answer.  I do agree with this answer… Read more »

Looking for Work? Lockheed Martin is Adding Up to 1,000 New Jobs

Fort Worth (KRNB) – Lockheed Martin is looking to add up to 1,000 new workers during a job fair on September 17th. The fair will be held at the Sheraton Fort Worth at 1701 Commerce, from 7am-5pm. No pre-registration is required. Anyone who meets the qualifications for the advertised jobs is welcome to apply. Those… Read more »